'Icon' Album Cover Revealed

Thanks to BSO for finding,here is the album cover for the upcoming No Doubt Icon greatest-hits compilation,which will be released on November 2.


No Doubt are in the studio working on a new album, their seventh
studio release. If you’ve seen the studio photos and updates the band have
been sending via Twitter, you know they have written nine songs so far and
are thrilled with the progress they’re making. No Doubt can’t wait to share
the new record with everyone in 2011.

No Doubt will have a new catalog release in 2010 for fans that are looking
for a lower priced greatest hits collection. The album will be part of the
Icon series which features greatest hits and favorites from the most popular
artists in music for just $7.98.

“With the band recording a new record for next year we felt it was a good
idea to remind everyone of the great music No Doubt has made over the years.
We feel the Icon release of No Doubt’s greatest hits is an extremely low
cost way to turn a lot of new people on to the band’s great music,” said the
band’s manager Jim Guerinot.

The No Doubt Icon release will feature the same track listing as the Singles
Collection, including “It’s My Life,” “Just A Girl,” and “Hey Baby,” but
with new artwork and at the lower price. The No Doubt Icon release will be
available online and in stores November 2, 2010.

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