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Always love reading articles like these-Gwen deserves the praise,she is so amazing and inspiring 🙂

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I’ve been thinking about Gwen Stefani’s style a lot lately and how much I appreciate it. Whether you love her or hate her– she has a style that is very much uniquely her own. She’s successful in her style; over the years she’s evolved and changed while maintaining a signature sense of Stefani.

It baffles me, and inspires me, that I’ve been a fan of this woman for 16 years. I was about 12 when Tragic Kingdom came out, and I’m pretty sure her plaid bondage pants & So-Cal style inspired the skater/punk girl that I became in high school.

While I may have donated my plaid bondage pants long ago, Gwen Stefani is still sartorially inspirational to me. (How could she not be, when she dresses up like Alice in Wonderland?)

What I Love About Gwen Stefani’s Style:
She manages to look put-together and coiffed, even when she’s not on stage. She can be kicked back in holey jeans and flip flops–and she manages to make it look urban, hip and together.
She makes motherhood look great. She’s got “yummy mummy“ down pat!
She’s aware of her age, but she doesn’t let her age dictate her style.
She takes care of her body– all of that jumping, dancing, running and thrusting over the years has given her a great shape– and dress for it.
She active explores and integrates new elements in to her style–whether it’s elements of India, Japanese Harajuku flair, Harry Potter schoolboy-esque blazers and ties, or business-fashion fusion.

How to Get Gwen Stefani’s Style:

Adopt a couple of trademarks that can stick with you forever. This works on women like Anna Wintour, too. For Stefani, it’s her signature platinum blond locks, a winged eye, groomed brows, and a fresh face (and often bold, red lip). It’s classic & timeless; it’s retro and vintage; it’s entirely modern at the same time.

Bouf, tease, comb, and tame your hair. I’m a big fan of the slight bouf, and Stefani has it down pat.

Know what’s appropriate for work, for play, for stage and for school. She doesn’t wear sequined hot pants or 9″ harajuku inspired heels while carrying the kids. Despite her eclectic style, it’s relatively modest as she’s gotten older– she may wear shorts, minis & hot pants, but with tights underneath.

Know where the heart of your style is. Gwen Stefani is a Southern California girl, through and through. Ahead of the trends, the first to get them (or create them) and the nation follows suit. What’s at the heart of your style?

Value accessories and details. A top hat becomes more than a top hat when it’s in an unusual color and has netting attached to it. A cameo becomes more when it when it’s multiples molded together. Even in her casual outfits, a polo becomes more fetching in a shrunken boys’ size. Even when carrying the babes, she still has details like small studs and large barrettes to keep her look interesting.

And one of my favorite No Doubt songs and videos– I think the video really shows the eclecticism of Stefani’s style, and–at the end– her genuine beauty when she’s so stripped down.

I can’t wait to see how Gwen’s style evolves over the next 15 years.

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