Hi Everyone

Hi fellow No Doubters,this is Rosie aka lamb83 from the official No Doubt forum.I know Fabio has been promising all of you fans a big surprise here at EIT,and Fabio asked me to announce that the surprise is that I will be joining him,Amy,Stephen,Daiana,Phil,and Jamila in helping to bring you the latest No Doubt and Gwen news.I am very thankful and honored that they would think of me;I hope I can contribute at least a little bit to this already terrific site 😀

2 thoughts on “Hi Everyone

  1. I♥ND says:

    Congratulations RM! You really deserve a space dedicated to you to post stuff about our favourite band ever!!! 🙂

  2. GweNerD says:

    Hey Fabio, this surprise is so cool! Thanks. And Rosie, it’s really awesome you can update such a perfect site! What a combination. I thought “why lamb83 doesn’t have a site?” before i knew you 🙂


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