Happy ‘’Settle Down’’ Day!!!!!

The day has finally arrived,and we couldn’t be more excited!!!! As every No Doubter knows,today No Doubt is releasing ‘’Settle Down’’,the first single and video from their much-anticipated album,’’Push and Shove’’,which drops on September 25! Today will be SO incredibly joyous and eventful,as we get to hear and download the full song for the first time,and see the premiere of the ‘’Settle Down’’ music video during the half-hour special on E! at 8 PM EST tonight,as well as on E! Online,VEVO and NoDoubt.com! (Again,we are sorry for international fans who have to wait to download the song,but we hope you all can enjoy streaming the song online and watching the video.) We will be keeping you updated throughout the day with the latest ‘’Settle Down’’ news items and will be recording and uploading the E! special for everyone tonight. We will also be participating in the effort to get #SettleDown (and hopefully ‘’No Doubt’’ again!) trending worldwide on Twitter. Like every other No Doubter,we cannot express enough how thrilling it is to finally experience new No Doubt music-it’s been so long but definitely worth the wait! We wish the band the VERY best promoting the new single and album and hope that the ‘’Settle Down’’ single and video are HUGE hits!!!!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the awesome ”Settle Down” happenings today:

‘’Settle Down’’ Single Premiering on US Radio on AMP Radio 97.1 in LA at Midnight PST Tonight!

Don’t forget, AMP RADIO 97.1 in Los Angeles will be the first station to play ”Settle Down” tonight at midnight PST!! If you are not in the LA area,you can listen live here! For any international fans having trouble with the live stream,you can download the TunnelBear app;simply install the app,leave it opened,click on “on” and click again on the AMP Radio 97.1 live stream link and it will work. ”Settle Down” will also be played at the top of every hour today on Clear Channel radio stations in the US-there’s a listing of Clear Channel radio stations here. And for all you UK fans,Capital FM will be playing ”Settle Down” on this morning,as well. We cannot wait to hear it!!

‘’Settle Down’’ Video Premiering on E! Tonight at 8 PM EST

The ‘’Settle Down’’ music video will premiere during the half-hour special on E! at 8 PM EST tonight,as well as on E! Online,VEVO and NoDoubt.com! We will be recording and uploading the E! special for everyone. In the meantime,check out this short preview of the special that E! News aired over the weekend.

Download ‘’Settle Down’’ from iTunes and Amazon

Download ”Settle Down” at NoDoubt.com!!!! The full 6-minute version of the song is also streaming on the site!

Download ”Settle Down” from Amazon US!!!

Request the ‘’Settle Down’’ Single and Video from Radio and TV Music Channels

Let’s help ‘’Settle Down’’ reach #1 on the charts not only by downloading the single,but by requesting the song from radio! I had put together a ”Push and Shove Support Thread” on the official No Doubt forum here that has contact information for radio stations in all 50 states,as well as international stations,and other helpful information to support ”Settle Down” and future singles and videos from ”Push and Shove”. Be sure to check it out and request ”Settle Down” from your local radio stations-you can also find worldwide radio stations at RadioLocator.com.

We can also contact TV music channels to ask them to add the ‘’Settle Down’’ music video to their playlists! MTV is notorious for not playing many music videos anymore,but we can try contacting them and other channels like VH1,FUSE,MuchMusic in Canada,as well as any international TV music channels we know. Again,there is contact information for these music channels in the forum thread.

Let’s Get #SettleDown Trending on Twitter Today!

Let’s all try to get #SettleDown trending worldwide on Twitter today! It would also be awesome if we can get ‘’No Doubt’’ trending again,as it did recently after Lady Gaga’s tweet. Here are some trending tips:

Set your Twitter account to public. Your tweets will only show on the public timeline and contribute to trending topic if it’s public.

Always include the key words (#SettleDown,etc.) when tweeting.

Only use the hashtag ONCE per tweet, or it will be counted as spam.

Starting tweeting early and often on the day of the trending effort.

When tweeting,retweet the tweets of others who are tweeting the hashtag,but make sure to do it manually(copy and paste the tweet and type ‘RT’). If you do it using the ReTweet button,it won’t count.

Spread the word to friends and any ND/Gwen fans you know,as well as on social networking sites like facebook,twitter,tumblr,etc.

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