Gwen's Storytelling Clothes


From ContactMusic:

Gwen Stefani likes to tell stories with her fashion collections and views them as a piece of art.

Gwen Stefani likes to tell stories with her fashion collections.

The No Doubt singer has had huge success in the fashion world with her L.A.M.B. clothing label and says designing outfits is something she has always wanted to do but likes the ranges to be interesting.

She said: “I have made clothes all my life, but doing a collection is a totally different thing. It’s like a piece of art, a whole story. I’ve learned a lot about how to act and not to get disappointed, to live in the moment.”

Gwen also revealed how she will only design clothes she would wear herself and admits she’s very fussy when it comes to fashion.

She told heat magazine: “The greatest thing about designing for me is that I get to make something that I’m actually going to wear, because I’m a bit snobby about it. I won’t just wear anything – it has to be perfect and I have to love it. So if I can achieve that goal, to me it’s all worth it.”

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