Gwen's a Style Icon in Her Own Right


From AssociatedContent at Yahoo:

The one person who stands out when it comes to personal style is Gwen Stefani. She’s never been afraid to wear what she wants and always looks amazing. Whether it’s a hot pink hairstyle or a maternity dress,

Gwen Stefani can pull it off. She always has the perfect hair, the perfect outfit and all the way down to the perfect shoes. Gwen’s style can not be defined in one specific genre. The only way to define her style is simply as Gwen.

I remember when I was thirteen years old and had the opportunity to go to a No Doubt concert and was instantly drawn to Gwen’s style. At the time she had spiky blond hair and wore a tank top and plaid pants. Even in something that subdued you could tell she was a style icon in the making. She owns whatever she is wearing. She knows how to dress for a concert where she performs in front of thousands, just as well as if she’s just walking in the park with her two sons and husband, Gavin.

Even when she’s at a low point in her life, for example during her breakup with Gavin, she was still able to wow everyone with her look. She sported neon pink hair and braces and looked as beautiful as ever. She is the only person who could make braces the hottest new accessory. Brace-faced teenagers everywhere applauded her.

When I heard that she was starting her own fashion line I was thrilled. A Gwen Stefani fashion line to me is like the best thing since sliced bread. Her L.A.M.B line has everything from clothes to purses to perfume. Everything a Gwen fan could possibly want. Like Gwen herself, L.A.M.B is not defined by one simple item. It’s glamorous as a whole. Whenever Gwen steps out you can never pick out just one item that she is wearing it’s the whole ensemble that catches your attention. L.A.M.B is just the same. You want everything you see and can’t leave anything out.

Some women who become mothers sometimes lose a bit of their sense of style. This is definitely not the case with Gwen Stefani. If anything, her style has gotten better.

All women glow when they are pregnant, but Gwen Stefani in her maternity clothes was absolutely radiant. Two little boys later she still has her unique style but now she just has two miniature male versions of her to pass her style on to. As amazing as Gwen is herself, these two little men dressed by her, in her own designs is definitely one of the best -not to mention cutest- things to happen in the fashion world. So on that sad day when Gwen decides to step out of the fashion lime light, I’m sure we will still have little Kingston and Zuma to carry on her well dressed and unique fashion sense.

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