Gwen Will Be at Sephora Soho Sept.10

Thanks so much to mojetta from the official ND forum for the info,as suspected,Gwen WILL be making an appearance at the Sephora Soho store in New York City on September 10 at 8 PM to promote the new Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection,Wicked Style.As posted earlier,the first 100 fans who purchase the special Harajuku Lovers Fashion’s Night Out fragrance set at Sephora Soho on September 10 will be given a wristband,which will allow them to meet Gwen and have their set signed by her-how lucky!

I just spoke to the fragrance specialist at the SoHo store. Gwen is scheduled to be there at 8pm on 9/10. The store will be shut down the public and only VIP’s and those first 100 people will be there. Everyone gets a photo with Gwen and an autograph. She wasn’t sure when the event specific fragrance would go on sale but promised to call me with updates. At this point she doesn’t think it will go onsale prior to 8pm, but who knows. I will also keep calling as the time gets closer to confirm.

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