Gwen Talks G of the Sea Scent with Elle


Gwen talked about the adorable new,limited-edition Harajuku Lovers fragrance,G of the Sea,in a Fashion Week interview with Elle.The new scent will be available at Sephora at the end of February.


Ever since we got a bottle of Gwen Stefani’s new Harajuku Lovers fragrance, G of the Sea, we’ve been misting it like mad—and marveling at the adorable packaging. With its light and refreshing floral scent wafting from our wrists, we caught Stefani backstage at her fall 2011 L.A.M.B. show to learn more about G’s latest incarnation. When we approach her, Stefani lets out an audible “Awww!” as we pull her bottled baby from our purse.

ELLE: Why did you decide to make G a mermaid this time around?
GS: Anything we can think of, we do it—and with G of the Sea it just kind of came together. For summer we wanted to do something fun and I think the bottle is ridiculously cute! You just have to smile looking at it.

ELLE: So what do you think G’s boyfriend would smell like?
GS: I don’t know about that! I have a hard enough time getting through all the girl stuff, let alone the boy stuff. My fragrances are still little girls—they don’t need boyfriends yet! But I do have two little boys and I love dressing them so we’ll see what happens.

ELLE: Your boys do have great style! Has your own good taste rubbed off on them, you think?
GS: Well, for now, they’re so young it’s just all about spending time together. So if I have to get my nails done, I drag them with me and they get theirs done too. It’s just hard to do it all and spend time with them so I try to take them along with me wherever I go. They’re here with me today!

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