Gwen Posing with Fans at Mammoth

This is one of the countless reasons why we love Gwen so much-she is always SO gracious to her fans.According to TheSheetNews,Gwen kindly posed for a photo with fans while dining with her family at the Chart House in Mammoth,California on Friday night.Gwen and her family enjoyed a ski vacation over the weekend in Mammoth.How sweet of Gwen to take the time to do that for those lucky fans. 🙂

Yep, you’ve got it right, that’s diva Gwen Stefani on the far right with Mammoth locals (L-R) Nancy Bristow, Jamie Lokan and Colleen Moxley. Stefani was at the Chart House in Mammoth Lakes on Friday, Jan. 28 with her husband, fellow musician Gavin Rossdale, and their family.

It seems it was fate (and a little help from her friends) that Moxley wound up sitting next to Stefani since she is a huge fan of the singer/clothing designer.

“If it had been anyone else [famous] I wouldn’t have bothered them, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t try to get a photo with her,” Moxley, who owns all of Stefani’s albums and has seen her live in concert, explained.

So she found the courage to approach the star and told her what a huge fan she was and asked if it would be possible to take a photo.

“She was very gracious and said, sure, maybe after dinner,” Moxley said. And sure enough the mother of two came over after she was finished eating and sat down next to Moxley and the other women for a photo op.

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