Gwen Interview with KIIS 102.7 in LA

Gwen apparantly was interviewed just now during Ryan Seacrest’s morning show on KIIS FM 102.7 in LA.She talked about her styling of the 3 American Idol contestants and was also asked about the new No Doubt album.Was anyone able to listen in? Hopefully the audio will be uploaded soon to KIIS’s website so we can post it.


She was apparantly talking to Ryan from the No Doubt ”bunker”(presumably the studio.) Gwen talked about how fun and different it was styling the American Idol girls.She relayed how Interscope CEO(and new Idol mentor)Jimmy Iovine asked her to style them;he was there when she was styling them and told the girls that Gwen wouldn’t have ever won American Idol(I guess he meant because she’s so unique?). Gwen told the famous story of how Jimmy told her back in 1991 that she would be a big star in 6 years.Ryan asked her about the new No Doubt album,and she said she thinks it definitely will be out sometime this year and that she can’t wait to get back out on tour;she said that a lot of the songs are upbeat and happy and are inspired by the music ND has always loved,citing Depeche Mode,The Cure,ska and reggae.She said again that they have 10 songs done but they want to write some more.She mentioned how one of the songs started out as a reggae song,but now has evolved into a kind of ”anthem”.She said that the band are in the ”best place we’ve ever been” and Tony has been helping her out with some of the lyrics and producing,and that she was going to be playing some of the new songs for Jimmy today.

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