Gwen Interview on NTV News Tonight

Just to mention it for any Canadian fans in the Newfoundland area,according to the Tweet below,an interview with Gwen that was apparantly taped during Fashion Week last month will be airing tonight on NTV News during its 6 PM newshour.A hairstylist from Newfoundland who apparantly took part in the L.A.M.B. fashion show will also be featured in the segment.Not sure if the segment will turn up online,but just wanted to give any fans in the area the heads up.

@DarrinBent #ntvnews- Carolyn Stokes/Gwen Stefani at fashion week in New York – with NL hairstylist – 6 pm NTV Evening Newshour #newfoundland

UPDATE-You can watch the segment at NTV News’ website HERE;while Gwen is featured in the video and there is backstage footage from the Fall 2011 L.A.M.B. runway show,the segment is mostly an interview with Newfoundland native and L.A.M.B. show hairstylist Jen McDougall, who had shared photos from the show that we had posted here.

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