Gwen Included in The Music Magazine’s List of The Queens of Makeup

UK siteThe Music Magazine has compiled a list of the Top 10 Queens of Makeup in pop music,and,not surprisingly,Gwen is included. We love how the site praises how she has been rocking the same make up since the early 90s to perfection.

Here’s our top ten list of who overdoes the makeup to perfection in pop:
1.Katy Perry
2.Lady Gaga – and we’re not talking about her costumes, we mean when she’s looking ‘natural’.
3.JLS – these boys don’t mind being touched up.
4.Gwen Stefani – she’s been rocking the same make up since the early 90s.
5.Rihanna – check out the Shy Ronnie video to see how it should be done.
6.JLO – She’s like Dorain Gray.
7.Cher Lloyd – OK we’re not sure this is a good look, but we’ve become accustomed to her face.
8.Nicola Roberts – She’s always on any list we do.
9.Avril Lavigne – A pioneer of the faux emo look.
10.Christina Aguilera – Have you seen Burlesque?

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