Gwen: ''I love being a Barbie Doll''

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Her signature style: platinum blonde hair and red lipstick she wear all the time to please her husband

Last Saturday Gwen Stefani was having dinner with her band and family.

They recently happen to work until late often, so once in a while to make up for lost time they decide to take the kids with them. They call them “Family night in the studio”: the kids play, have fun, shout while in the nearby room No Doubt record their new album, the seventh.

Scheduled date for release: 2011. Don’t ask them a more exact date, they have recorded ten tracks so far, it’s too early to say. In the meantime, fans can follow Gwen and other band members live on Twitter, read updates, look at the pictures.

It may be just casual, but she is always photographed wearing red lipstick. It’s her distinctive feature , although she admits to “use it often because my husband (Gavin Rossdale, the singer with Bush, Ed’s note) really loves it”.

Not to get bored, she plays with nuances: “When I want a matte finish, I pat a little powder over the lipstick. To change, I have fun layering colors, creating unique shades.” Yet she swears she gets ready in a few minutes: “I’m quick in front of the mirror, I don’t want to keep Gavin waiting.”

Ideal wife, singer with No Doubt and then solo artist, designer, but also actress (she appeared in The Aviator by Martin Scorsese) and mother of two children. The older, Kingston, at just 4 is already a beauty victim.

The latest craze? Rainbow-colored manicure/pedicure, obviously realized in the same nail bar in Beverly Hills as his mother, who has always loved playing with different styles. “It’s something I love doing especially if I have to perform.”

That’s why she is delighted to be the new face of L’Oréal, alongside other beauties such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Knowles, Rachel Weisz, Freida Pinto, Gong Li, and Diane Kruger.

She will appear in the campaign for the launch of the new lipstick (Infallible Le Rouge, Ed’s Note) and apparently also of the latest version of the legendary at-home hair color kits.

In this video (exclusively for taken from the backstage of the makeup commercial, Gwen admits she was overwhelmed by events: “I still haven’t’ realized I am here, everything happened so fast, it’s something I would have never imagined. On the set I’m tireless, I love being a Barbie doll, I could go on forever”.

Thanks, probably, to the experience gained in years of touring and before that, in her dressing room, where the singer drinks only Fiji water, eats sliced pineapple and apparently likes to do her own makeup.

What’s you secret?
Layering! I have no idea how many calories I burn onstage and there is no waterproof makeup that will truly last, the only way is to wear layers of makeup.

You grew up in California, yet you have porcelain skin. How can this be possible?
When I was young I spent too much time in the sun and now I am quite strict and never leave home without SPF 50.

You signature style: platinum blonde hair and red lip. Ever thought about a radical change?
I used to when I was pregnant, but luckily I never gave in!

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