Gwen Featured in Upcoming Fashion Special


Gwen will be featured in an upcoming fashion special on the CW Network;it is called “Fashion Forward: Making It” and will air on December 8th.

From MTV Hollywood Crush:

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have always been the most high-profile members of the “Twilight” clan, but lately, it looks like the leading men of Forks are being eclipsed (haha! see what we did there?) in real life by one of their supporting actors. Ashley Greene, who got her big break playing the role of Alice Cullen, is suddenly everywhere—canoodling in Hollywood with boyfriend Joe Jonas, opening up her closet for charity, and in a few weeks, cementing her style-savvy status as the host of a new TV special about the fashion industry.

“Fashion Forward: Making It” will air on December 8th on The CW, with Greene leading a behind-the-scenes look at the young designers and celebs who’ve redefined the fashion industry over the past decade—so if you tune in, keep an eye out not just for famous tastemakers like Marcus Wainwright, David Neville and Tory Burch, but also for style-conscious celebrities like Gwen Stefani and (of course) Justin Timberlake. (Seriously, is there anything that guy doesn’t do?)

And while there’ll be plenty of glitz, glamor and sequined evening gowns, viewers can expect an eyeful of the gritty business side as well; the show promises a real exploration of what it takes to make it in fashion, from design to branding. Don’t miss it!

EDIT-The special will air from 9-10 PM EST.

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