Gwen Attended Lady Gaga Concert Tonight

Thanks to @shellibird1(aka Shelli Azoff,the wife of Irving Azoff,whose firm manges Gavin and Bush as well as other music stars) for sharing her pic,Gwen(along with other celebrities like Kris Kardashian,Rod Stewart and Glee cast members Chris Colfer and Naya River) is at the Lady Gaga concert at the Staples Center in LA right now-she looks stunning!Gwen had this compliment for Gaga after seeing her perform last year at the MOCA celebration:

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This night is over the top and just stunning. Lady Gaga is truly an intense singer and performer. Good for her. Art is so vital.”

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Looks like a lot of fans are excited to see her there-hope she has an awesome time! 😀

@Electrogasm I love Gwen Stefani! And the fact that she’s at tonight’s MB just makes me so happy 😀


@Madame_AnnieF OMFG! Gwen Stefani is at @ladygaga s show! I just died aaaah!

@FilthyGlam GWEN STEFANI is at Monster Ball in LA right now!! I would die! My 2 favorite females EVER in one room! I’d give anything to be there!

@timtincher @shellibird1 OMG. I love Gwen Stefani so much! Plus, she loves GAGA! But still, I think I love GS more.

@Inuspal OMG GWEN STEFANI IS AT THE MONSTER BALL. WOOOOOOO. I love her even more now. As if I didn`t already adore her enough!

Celeb ReTweet: @KhloeKardashian Smelly I miss you! RT @shellibird1 At gaga with gwen and kris!!

@mrkingalexxx Just spotted Gwen Stefani @ladygaga monster ball she walked right by me looking good!

@JAGOfficial Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) is @staplescenterla! @ladygaga is still going! Let’s burn this one up! Wooooooooooooooo!

EDIT-Gwen and friends enjoyed dinner before the Lady Gaga concert-more photos at sites like The Daily Mail

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1 thought on “Gwen Attended Lady Gaga Concert Tonight

  1. al12 says:

    OMGosh!!! I love both Gwen and Gaga sooo much! My friend asked me one day that if I have 2 girls would I name them Gwen and Gaga. I wouldn’t but LOL.


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