Gwen Apologized to Idol Contestant

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In an interview with USA Today’s Idol Chatter blog former American Idol contestant Chris Sligh says that Gwen apologized to him for a comment she made during her time as mentor in 2007.According to his quotes, producers of the show may have taken liberty with her comments as a whole to make them appear more negative than they actually were:

”If the producers want to shoot you down, they’ll sometimes let the mentor pull the trigger. The night Chris was voted off, mentor Gwen Stefani said the following: “Chris has a strong voice. The only thing he needs to work on is the tempo, because he is definitely off. … I think it will be easier with the drummer. He really needs to concentrate on the beat of it.”

The following night, Chris says, Gwen came to him to apologize: “She said she talked for five minutes about how great I was. They asked if she had anything negative to say, and that was the only thing.”

As a general rule, Idol will not show a mentor making negative comments about a contestant the producers would like to see win.”

It was extremely generous of Gwen to apologize,especially since an apology on her part seemed unnecessary,particularly if it is true about the Idol producers manipulating the comments of mentors.

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