Gavin Talks Gwen & the Tabloids in New Spinner Interview

In a new interview with Spinner,Gavin talks about the rampant attention the media pays to his marriage to Gwen;he calls the tabloids ”sour vicarious-living parasites” that will unfortunately keep feeding themselves until the public decides to stop reading them. He goes to say again that it’s important to him to keep his personal and musical lives separate when talking to reporters. We couldn’t agree more with Gavin,which is again why we choose not post any rumors that may appear about he and Gwen’s personal life,or post any candids of them or their family.

As a recording artist, you’ve sold millions of records, as an actor you’ve appeared in feature films, but many only know you from the coverage your marriage to Gwen Stefani gets in the tabloids. How does that feel?

I don’t sweat it. The world is massive, and there are so many things to be in to: another band, a novel, TV, Cheetos, or nothing. I can’t take offense at someone whose head is turned 45 degrees to the left.

But these people know the names of your children, where you eat, and how you spend your family vacations, but have never bothered to listen to a Bush record. That must be infuriating.

Not really. People who are obsessed with tabloids or live a life where they give a shit about that stuff probably aren’t music fans to begin with.

There are five or six cars that follow Gwen and the kids around every day, and I’m lucky if I can catch up.

People ask me how I put up with that? Well, until I walk through an airport and I don’t see everyone reading those magazines, I have no choice. As long as people are buying in, it will feed itself. It’s been like that forever. Throughout history there have been schools of great learning, artists, thinkers, and explorers — and then you’d have these sour vicarious-living parasites.

Before this interview, I was told you wouldn’t talk about your personal life. Why is it important to separate your personal and musical lives?

When I get the chance to speak to you, which is really a chance to speak to your readers, it’s a great opportunity to say, I’m back and I’ve got a new record. Man, these days, it’s hard to let people know you have a new record. I’m not sure my housekeeper knows! I don’t want to give that attention away.

1 thought on “Gavin Talks Gwen & the Tabloids in New Spinner Interview

  1. Amanda G says:

    He claims to keep them separate but there seems to be a lot of interviews where he mentions his personal life. Definitely more than Gwen does. I’m not judging, it’s just interesting.


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