Gavin Talks Gwen in New Interview

While touring in Boston earlier this week,Gavin was interviewed by radio station WFNX-it can be viewed below. At the beginning of the interview,the DJ mentioned that when word got out that Gavin was being interviewed,a lot of female fans in the area and online were wondering if Gwen would be joining Gavin(in fact,she was at home in LA). The DJ said that just as many,if not more,girls have a crush on Gwen as they do on Gavin. Gavin half-joked that he feels the same way. The DJ went on to praise Gwen for being a great role model for young girls,as well as being a wonderful mom and wife-Gavin fully agreed,saying that Gwen exudes a lot of ”girl power” and is a ”powerful,strong” person. We couldn’t agree more! 🙂

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