Gavin: ”I can’t imagine my life without Gwen”

In a new interview with The West Australian,Gavin sweetly says that he can’t imagine his life without Gwen,nor can he remember life before he met her. He also mentions how family is everything to him and that their support is what makes everything worthwhile. Really sweet quotes-Gwen and Gavin are such an amazing couple!

Rossdale, who lives in LA with Stefani and their two children, also visits London, where they have another home, three times a year.

“Kids ground you and home is wherever they are,” he says. “You know, I can’t imagine my life without Gwen, nor can I remember life before her.

“My family is everything to me and their support with my music is what makes it all worthwhile.”

1 thought on “Gavin: ”I can’t imagine my life without Gwen”

  1. Gina Marie says:

    awww! thats sweet. <3 that pic is from their last night in London this November, i was at that Bush show…


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