Flickr Find:Gwen and Adrian,1996

Thanks to NoDoubt645 for finding,johnnyriggsisdead,who has shared photos of his time with No Doubt in the past,has uploaded a photo of Gwen and Adrian from 1996 onto his Flickr photostream.

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This was taken in 1996. They were rapidly becoming bigger and bigger, taking over the world in the wake of 1995’s Tragic Kingdom. This was taken backstage before a show. Gwen told Adrian that he should involve me in his pre-show preparations, so she picked out a nice color, and they polished my fingernails.
They were well-known at this point, but hadn’t quite reached the level of fame that they would eventually achieve. They didn’t know me from Adam, and didn’t even have to be civil, yet they welcomed me into their dressing room, posed for oodles of photographs, and proved to be two of the nicest people on the planet.
I ran into them both a few more times over the years. One of my favorite memories was being backstage at a huge festival and noticing that Gwen seemed to be sneaking into a dressing room with Gavin Rossdale of Bush. This was before I knew, or the public knew, that they were seeing each other. I remember turning to the girl I was talking to, saying “I wish I knew somebody to gossip to.”

I’ll scan these for real in a few days and correct these colors.
Sorry about this.
I just dug up hundreds of photos and want to get some new things on flicka.
In real life, neither Gwen nor Adrian is the color of a chocolate carrot.

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