Eric Writes New Solo Song w/Don't Speak Chords


Thanks very much to Eric Stefani for sharing on his website,he has written an new solo song called ”Farm Town World” using chords from ”Don’t Speak” that were taken out of the song when it was recorded for the Tragic Kingdom album.Eric’s new song is based on the Facebook application ”Farm Town” and can be downloaded at NoDoubtStylee.Please also be sure to check out more of Eric’s solo music,which can be purchased on his website,

This song is the strongest song I’ve written in the last few years. The chords were taken from a bridge in “Don’t Speak” from Tragic Kingdom that was cut out.
I never knew you could stay on the same chord and just sing the Chorus or Title of the song. It was instrumental in continuing my work as a singer/songwriter.
The fact that Facebook made a live “interactive video game” where everyone in the world can play “all at once” for free, is really exciting to me. “Farm Town” also helped to learn how to maintain my own yard at my own house.

If you haven’t already check it out go play it now, mean while listen to my song.

It’s awesome to finally be able to hear those old chords-Tom had mentioned them in an older interview:

I’ll tell a story about Don’t Speak. Eric, our ex-keyboard player had one of the most brilliant fender roads lines ever in probably modern recorded music history. It was the best counter melody in the choruses of Don’t Speak. It was insane. And that’s the story. Matthew Wilder, who I love and is a great producer, just didn’t hear it. He didn’t get it. And we never put the roads line in, and I think that the song would have gone to number zero if we would have put it in. You know what I’m saying? It was just the most brilliant line, and I loved it. I loved it with every part of me…. This is with all due respect to the good people who mixed our album. When they mixed it, they wanted to edit out the bridge section of Don’t Speak because they thought for radio audiences it would be more palatable, or something. With all due respect, because it worked.

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