E-mail from Gwen to the Fans!!

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In an e-mail sent to the fans who are signed up at nodoubt.com,Gwen shared an update about the writing and recording sessions.Thanks SO very much to Gwen for writing this note-all of the fans wish her and the guys the best vibes in the studio!! 😀

Hey Guys…thinking a lot about you! We are baking up one of the most delicious records…your ears will hardly be able to take it…it will be so pleasurable!
It’s been so fun being together everyday. We started writing at Tony’s studio in his house. We just moved to a real studio in the Valley and it makes it all feel like it’s finally happening. We’re recording the first batch of songs that we wrote now and after this we’re gonna go right back in and write some more.

Wouldn’t have gotten to this point without all of you coming out to see us on the Summer Tour. You are so inspiring! Gonna tweet you pictures and keep you updated. We need your vibes! Check out some more news down below…

Love, Gwen & My Boys (the No Doubt ones)

More news from NoDoubt.com:
Preparing for the auction and checking out all the costumes got everyone thinking about last year’s tour and the great times had by all. The band decided to put together a photo flipbook of their favorite on stage and behind the scenes moments to commemorate the tour. Keep an eye out for the new flipbook on the site next week.

1 thought on “E-mail from Gwen to the Fans!!

  1. Haley says:

    i’m excited and can’t wait to hear the new album. i can’t wait to hear the new vibes, and the lyrics.


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