Daisy Lowe Talks Gwen&Gavin in New Interview

In a new interview,Gavin’s daughter Daisy Lowe talks about ehr relationship with Gavin and Gwen,saying that they are ”really good people” and that she values their relationship.It’s nice to read such quotes from Daisy. 🙂

From OK!:

At the age of 15, Daisy learned that her father was not Danny Goffey, the dummer from Supergrass, but Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale instead.

“My whole life I thought my father was someone different,” Daisy explains to Playboy. “But Gavin and Gwen [Stefani] are really good people, and I value so much the time we get together.”

And Daisy even says she’s been able to form a family with Gavin and his wife.

“After seven years we’ve worked out how to be a family. I guess you can’t deny my rock-and-roll heritage!” she adds “Both my parents – or all four of them – have done well in the music scene.”

1 thought on “Daisy Lowe Talks Gwen&Gavin in New Interview

  1. OneMoreSummer says:

    Someone should update Gwen Stefani’s wikipedia page because it says: “Though Rossdale remains Daisy’s godfather, he has severed all ties with the Lowes.”


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