”Bubble Pop Electric” on Marina and the Diamonds’ Personal Playlist

In a new interview with Q Magazine in which she reveals her ”personal songs heartbreak soundtrack”,singer Marina of Marina and the Diamonds says that she thinks that Gwen’s ”Bubble Pop Electric” is one of the best songs off of Gwen’s Love.Angel.Music.Baby album,which she bought recently;Marina says she was drawn to the song because it had bubble and pop in the title. It’s one of our favorites,too! As fans may recall,Marina and the Diamonds covered ”What You Waiting For?” a while back.

With her often outlandish, sparkly fashion sense (a style she has described as somewhere in between vintage, cheerleader and cartoon) it would be easy to assume that Marina And The Diamonds has lived a life of unerring joy, but it seems that is not so. Ahead of her second LP Electra Heart, out 30 April, the vocalist guides us through her personal songs heartbreak soundtrack.

Gwen Stefani – Bubble Pop Electric
“I bought her solo album recently out of interest. This is one of the best songs off of it. I was drawn to it because it had bubble and pop in the title.”

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