Brandon Griggs: An introduction to you all!

Hello everyone!

I’m Brandon Griggs and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to everyone here at EIT. Some of you may know me from my recent article on this site about the passing of my wife Amy Pepper, others may know me from many years ago when I used to be a part of the NDIFC, or you may have read one of the interviews that I did with the band for the official site.

Recently Fabio and Amy asked me if I wanted to join their staff and be a part of EIT and it took me about a half a second to say yes. After I parted ways with the NDIFC I realized that I had a number of interviews, photos and stories that were never printed anywhere. It was my original plan to open up a new No Doubt website that would share some of these items (as well as others I had collected over the years). I realized it would make more sense to share those items here with EIT’s fans then to try and start a new website from scratch.

I very much look forward to sharing these stories, interviews and behind the scene photos with you all (below you will find a couple of teaser photos to start). Keep an eye out for more, we will be sharing new things periodically. If anyone is interested in contacting me I can be reached at

Brandon Griggs


From the “Underneath It All” video set.

From the “Hey Baby” video set.


3 thoughts on “Brandon Griggs: An introduction to you all!

  1. lamb says:

    too good to be true! cant wait to see all the things you own

  2. OLs Mama says:

    Welcome Brandon….all of our love to you and Amy’s family..I just thought of her yesterday and thought how much she would have loved Push and Shove album….Amy


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