AOL's Top Wedding Music Videos

From AOL Music:

Our top 15 wedding music videos list proves that matrimony is a universal, yet touchy, theme. While romance is widely accepted, so is the notion that rockers aren’t meant to settle down. Luckily our list features all sides of the marriage story, with looks at love, cheating, and even a circus wedding. Check out our video list, below.

#3 ‘Simple Kind of Life’
No Doubt (2000)Before Nicki Minaj sported a pink ‘do in a wedding dress, pop-rock songstress Gwen Stafani sported the look in her video for ‘Simple Kind of Life.’ The song, take from the album ‘Return of Saturn,’ was penned by Stefani and reveals the intimate details of Gwen’s relationship with now-husband Gavin Rossdale. The video is a fantastical rocker dream of wedding crashing and four-tiered cake smashing.

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