Anthony Gorry Confirms ”Push and Shove” is No Doubt’s Collab with Major Lazer

Last night we posted a video of Major Lazer enthusing how their collaboration with with No Doubt for the new album is ”crazy” and ”fantabulous”. It had been rumored that the song was ”Push and Shove” and now this morning,Anthony Gorry,who has been working on the song,confirmed it in a Twitter reply to a fan. The fan had asked what the most challenging part of working on ”Push and Shove” has been,and Gorry replied that it’s been to get the balance and bring together both No Doubt and Major Lazer’s unique sounds. He added that it is sounding ”wicked”. We are more excited than ever to hear it!

@KevinMacTweets @AnthonyGorry What’s been the most challenging part of working on @nodoubt’s Push and Shove?

@KevinMacTweets To get the balance & bring together @nodoubt & @majorlazer ‘s unique sounds which are both very unique. Its sounding wicked

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