Another Paramore/No Doubt Tour?

Hayley-Williams-and-Gwen-Stefani-music-16097772-400-300Last night Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis tweeted that he is excited that No Doubt is back in the studio,and wondered if Paramore would be touring again with No Doubt after both bands release their new albums:

@schzimmydeanie: So stoked to see @nodoubt are recording again…..maybe we can tour on our new albums…hmmm #iwish

No Doubt ReTweeted his tweet(it became a Top Tweet,with 100+ ReTweets),and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Wlliams excitedly replied to it:

@yelyahwilliams !!! RT @schzimmydeanie: So stoked to see @nodoubt are recording again…..maybe we can tour on our new albums…hmmm #iwish

Now Beatweek is pondering whether another Paramore/No Doubt tour will be on the horizon:

A series of exclamation points was all Paramore singer Hayley Williams could come up with in response to her bass player’s idea that their band should team up with No Doubt for a 2011 tour. The notion came about when Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis expressed his approval via Twitter of the news that Gwen Stefani and company are in the studio working on the next No Doubt record, which has been a long time in coming.

While it’s all just tweets and giggles at the moment, it’ll be interesting to see whether the two bands manage to find their way onto the same touring bill later in the year, and if Davis’ tweet-aloud was indeed the catalyst for a reincarnation of the joint shows the two bands have done in the past. No Doubt and Paramore are notable in that they have two of the most notable front-women in rock, in Stefani and Williams.

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