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Thanks to Sophie from the official forum for pointing out,there’s this short article with Gwen from last week here:

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Gwen Stefani is the definition of a successful working mom. The star balances designing and parenting seamlessly and with flair.

The mother of two took a break from her L.A.M.B. presentation to look in on youngest son Zuma, who was having a bottle. Zuma’s older brother Kingston was in Los Angeles with his grandparents, “telling them he’s five” (he’s really three), Stefani said with a laugh.

We caught up with the No Doubt front woman to chat about the loads of leather in her new collection and her creative process, where it appears she goes with the flow.

“It kind of came out that way — you have a collection and the things you do and then you have snowstorms and Chinese New Year and Federal Express.”

Surprisingly, Stefani told us she never knows what her final product will look like until the end. “That’s what I love about it — it’s like an art project and it unfolds the way it wants to. You can have themes and you can have ideas and it evolves into whatever it is. It happens right before your eyes, even in the last minute.

But between juggling careers and family life, a hectic lifestyle works for her. “The chaos of the week made us more creative at the last minute. We have come up with looks we never would have thought of without the pressure. “There is a lot of leather because it turned out really good. There are amazing pieces in all categories, but that one was where every single piece turned out great.

Stefani is not the type for regrets, that’s for sure, explaining that, “There’s always a few things that don’t make it, but what it turns out to be is what it was meant to be. That’s what I’ve learned over the years. There’s always holiday and spring and the next season.”

Stefani is jetting back to California as fast as she can to see husband Gavin Rossdale and Kingston for Valentine’s Day. “I’m just getting home to get some love,” she added. Aaw.

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