Adrian Tweet:Playing with The Vandals

**UPDATE** Watch live stream of The Vandals concert in AZ with Adrian drumming RIGHT NOW HERE!

Tonight I am playing w/The Vandals at the Clubhouse in Tempe AZ. Tomorrow in Tucson at Club Congress. Bring your sexy bootys down. Adrian

The Vandals
Clubhouse Music Venue
1320 E. Broadway Road Tempe, AZ
PHONE: 480-968-3238
December 10, 2010 Friday, 7:00 PM

PRICE: $13 – $15 : $15, $13 advance
Tickets are available HERE

The Vandals
Club Congress
311 East Congress Street

Tucson, AZ
Phone: (520) 622-8848
December 11,2010 Show Time:6:30 PM
Tickets are $13.00 and are available HERE

EDIT-ND just replied to a fan who was asking about Adrian playing with The Vandals tonight:

@xBrownxClown it is true! the clubhouse tonight!

This was the fan’s Tweet: @xBrownxClown @nodoubt just called the club and they said you were NOT playing, that it was a cover band, and it was at the rialto…?? What’s the word??!

**UPDATE** Thanks so much to Arielle(@gemineye523) for updating live from The Vandals concert tonight via Twitter!

Just saw adrian setting up and checking out his drum set. Love his hair!

Candy canes and stockings decorate the vandals stage.

Oi to the world musical intro!!

Adrian looked at me i put my arm up and waved. Haha.

Sneaky Adrian. Snuck in the drum intro to Spiderwebs!

Yea!!The vandals just played a bit of no doubt’s ‘hella good’ as the introduced adrian on drums!

Then the singer ‘speaking of no doubt and gwen stefani our next song is xmas time for my penis’
Adrian is off with the shirt!

Adrian made his drum set for tonights show. Red and green glittered.

Mosh divers onstage going up to adrian ‘you cant shake his hand during the show’ haha

‘This guy played for the president last week and now playing a small punk club’

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