Access Hollywood Praises Gwen


More praise for Gwen today from reading articles like this,Gwen SO deserves the recognition for being such an amazing,inspiring person 🙂

By Ryan Patterson

You probably heard that Gwen Stefani was just named the new international face of L’Oreal Paris. She will appear in ads for Superior Preference hair color and Infallible Le Rouge lip color… perfect for her thanks to her signature red lips and platinum hair!

I LOVE Gwen – I just think she rocks. Love that she’s not a classic beauty, but she always looks glamorous with her hair and makeup. I love her quirky style and although I couldn’t pull off half the things she wears, I think she always looks so put together in a way that stays true to her own unique personal taste. I also admire that she’s a working mom.

Just a couple of weekends ago, she and Gavin were at the park with their two kids Kingston and Zuma. They did have a nanny with them, who ran around with Kingston, but I have to admit that Gwen and Gavin were pretty hands on. When Zuma needed his diaper changed, it was Gwen who took him into the public restroom and changed him… not the nanny. Living in a place where some celebs complain that FOUR nannies aren’t enough – I was impressed!

The whole family was stylin’. Gwen was wearing a crisp jacket and tie paired with riding boots. Her hair was back in a casual but polished ponytail. Gavin had on a leather jacket and HIS hair was back in a ponytail! The two kids are beyond hip and they both had on face paint and I would later learn that they had been at Nicole Richie’s birthday party for daughter Harlow before hitting the playground. Needless to say, they were the best-dressed family at the park!

I was at the playground with MY daughter Harlow and I got to watch the family for a while… Kingston kept running by us and seems to have a ton of energy. Gavin talked to one or two of the parents. They were there at least an hour and acted like regular parents. (Minus the paparazzi that came toward the end of their park visit, of course!) They were very gracious to the photographers and didn’t seem to get upset that they were there. Just another day in the life for the Stefani-Rossdale clan!

It’s not often that you get to observe celebs like this… in such a “stars are just like us” kind of atmosphere. And seeing Gwen in what is decidedly a less glamorous role than being on stage or on the red carpet, only made me like her more. So it seems like L’Oreal scored with they signed Gwen – she’s the perfect mix of glamour and relatability.

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