1996 ND Performance on MTV 30 Special

VH1 Classic is having a 3-day marathon of classic MTV footage this weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary of MTV;I was watching last night and one of the clips they aired was No Doubt’s awesome performance of ”Just A Girl” from Spring Break 1996. If you have VH1 Classic,you may want to tune in,as they may re-air the performance,or play another one of ND or Gwen’s past MTV moments. Here is a video of the ”Just A Girl” performance:

1 thought on “1996 ND Performance on MTV 30 Special

  1. nxdchick714 says:

    i never knew that stephen jumped in the crowd at the end of that! its so awesome to see the energy that the entire band had in those days. cant wait for them to tour again 🙂


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