“My Bandmates Don’t Care About My Fashions''

Cute and funny quotes from Gwen about the guys and her fashion lines here

The singer recently reunited with her band No Doubt, but also has her successful clothing line L.A.M.B. She also has several perfumes, but admits she struggles to get any help with beauty or fashion ideas when she is making music.

“My bandmates don’t care,” she laughed. “But their wives care! We talk about it all the time. I’m always testing them with perfume. But they guys, they’re like, ‘Let’s write songs.’ ”

Gwen debuted her latest range at the recent New York Fashion Week, and the edgy designs won rave reviews. The 40-year-old was thrilled with the reception it received, as it was one of her most personal to date. “The biggest challenge is to make things that I really want to wear,” she explained to People magazine. “I always put things together that you wouldn’t think would go together. It’s a personality thing.”

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