Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas

NxDChick714 sent us over some pictures from her Las Vegas trip! She stayed at Hard Rock Casino and they had Gwen’s outfit from Live In The Tragic Kingdom. It’s really cool to see the outfit up close, there is so much detail!

She also sent a Madame Tussands Las Vegas ad taken from Las Vegas Magazine 8-5-12. They have a new music room where you can apperantly sing and dance with Gwen and other artists! She didn’t get a chance to do that, so we are unsure how that is set up. Have any of you gone into that room? Seems like it would be fun!

She also found this picture (size 12 X 9.5) of Gwen in Backstage Magazine, Summer 2012. The spread is titled THE JOINT: A Recap of Memorable Moments by Photographer Erik Kabik. This is what the little excerpt says…..

NO DOUBT: There is no doubt that Gwen Stefani is one of the reigning queens of pop music, but long before that, she was in No Doubt. When they regrouped for their 2009 Not Reunion reunion tour (they never officially broke up), Stefani dreamed up a Clockwork Orange theme. It was perfect for snapping pictures. The stage was like a giant white canvas splattered with color. The band was on point, and Stefani was in top physical and vocal form. Can you say abs?

Once again thank you to NxDChick714 for sending in pictures of the great No Doubt memorabilia!

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