New No Doubt Mentions in People and Entertainment Weekly

Thanks so much to nxdarchive for sharing with us scans of new No Doubt mentions in People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly!! The People mention is a short interview with the band,while the EW mention is a rave review of the Push And Shove album. Nxdarchive requests that his scans not be posted elsewhere,but you can check them out here-we transcribed them below.


Catching Up with No Doubt

Push And Shove is your first album in 11 years. What took you so long?

Gwen: We planned to do this record after my 2007 solo tour,but then I got pregnant. So it’s really all my fault basically!

Tony: We started writing in 2008 and actually had some writer’s block. Then we went out on tour during the summer of 2009,and it got us inspired again.

Gwen: Sometimes life needs to happen and then you can write. I feel like that was all meant to be.

You all have kids now. How is it juggling the band and parenthood?
Gwen: It’s impossible1 Every day is a struggle. But we’re lucky to have this experience together as friends.

What are some of your favorite band memories?

Adrian: When we used to do the van tours. We were just so excited to be traveling in the early days. That keeps us coming back up.

Will the kids go on tour with you now?

Tony: They will. It’s going to be a traveling circus.
Tom: Maybe we’l l put them to work. Will be roadies or truck drivers?


No Doubt came up in the California punk scene at the same time as Green Day,but they were so much older then. They sound like younger ragamuffins now. On Push and Shove,their first new album in 11 years,they’re inspired by all kinds of new music,from M.I.A.’s agit-pop (on the hella good ‘’Settle Down’’) to Major Lazer’s neo-dancehall (the horn-blown banger ‘’Push And Shove’’),and Gwen Stefani pogos as hard as she did in her Anaheim-strip-mall ska days. But she’s also just as neurotic,which adds depth to her love songs. She might sound like she’s bragging on ‘’Looking Hot’’,until you realize she’s actually worried about how many leather-hot-pants days she has left. ‘’Better hurry’’,she warbles. ‘’Running out of time’’. She shouldn’t worry;as long as she still sounds this good,she can wear whatever she wants.

Push And Shove B+
Best Tracks: Push And Shove,Settle Down

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