Katy Perry on Gwen

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only dream of having. She’s sold millions of records with her band No Doubt, her solo albums are scarfed up by fans just as much, and she can work a stage like nobody’s business.

Who wouldn’t want to be like Gwen?

Well, Katy Perry isn’t shy about admitting Stefani’s is a career she’s love to emulate.

“When I grow up, I wanna be just like Gwen Stefani,” Perry tweeted today.

Perry had just finished her opening set at No Doubt’s show in Irvine, CA Tuesday night (August 4) and got to witness Stefani at work up close. Gwen’s control of the stage and the audience got Perry to thinking about her career and expressed a bit of frustration with the industry’s lack of focus on artist development.

“It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. I keep telling myself this. Think of the big picture.”
She continued: “I think music is weird these days, people don’t — well the music industry doesn’t let u grow anymore.

Everything has to be now, so immediate. Like watching Gwen tonight that was a 15 year in the making [sic]. I can’t wait to make magic like that in 15 yrs, I just don’t know if people will wait for people to grow like they used too.”
“Music is not fast food… It should change and grow and not be such competition of who’s on top or not,” she went on. “I think since we live in such a internet fueled world with everything at our finger tips immediately, we all want our musicians to be of Beyonce/Madonna level from the get when we forget those amazing girls have been doing it for 15-25 years.”
Before signing off, Perry thanked her fans with the hopes that they’ll stick around with her for the long haul. “I’m so thankful for the wonderful new fans and hope you guys will grow with me.”

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