Gwen graces the cover of Psychologies Magazine (UK)

Gwen is featured on the cover for UK magazine, Psychologies. They have a new article/interview with her, but no new pictures. The cover photo is from “The Voice” promo cover of Billboard.

We still hadn’t had the chance to read the complete article, but she does discuss how demanding is to be on tour:

“Every time I go out on stage, I have to do my best. You can’t just walk through it. You have to be in it, and its exhausting.

She go on to explain that’s the main reason it took so long for her to tour again, mentioned how exausting it was to tour (with Nod Doubt) while nursing Zuma, saying those shows were “super physical”.

Gwen also talks about enjoyed doing live performances to promote TIWTTFL, also saying that writting songs this time around was healing and empowering.

“Touring is really draining, but it’s also satisfying and healing and it’s going to be something that will make me feel super empowered.”

She comments on how quick was to write and record the album, saying it only took eight weeks to do so, when in the past she had taken three years to finish it.

Be sure to get a copy of the magazine, we have found it online on Ebay (if you are outside the UK)

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