Gavin Mentions Gwen in New Interview

In a new interview with Music Radar,Gavin is asked whether or not he and Gwen ever trade notes on their music;Gavin answered that when Gwen was doing her solo music,he did offer advice because he felt he was his job to help(as most fans know,Gavin has writing credit on ”The Real Thing” and also spoke French on ”Luxurious”),but that he doesn’t like to offer opinions when it comes to No Doubt because he feels it is unnecessary.He also said that he likes to keep an element of mystery between their music.

You are, of course, married to someone who’s in a pretty big band. Do you and Gwen ever trade notes on each other’s music?

“It was different when she did her solo thing, because I felt as though it was my job to help. When it comes to our bands, that’s different. It’s way cooler to leave it alone. I don’t play her anything until I’m done, and I don’t want to offer my opinions on her band. It’s unnecessary.

“Plus, I like that element of mystery – that’s what’s great about our love. You know, I wouldn’t want to be needy, going to my wife: ‘Oh, honey, what do you think about this chorus?’ That’d be so sad. It’s much better to be like, ‘Hey baby – number nine on the chart. Check it out.’ Much cooler.”

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