What song should be added to the setlist


We closed the poll and the song fans most and to see on the tour is Getting Warmer followed by Rocket Ship and Me Without You.
Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on the comments.

Song # of Votes Overall
Getting Warmer 78 12.15%
Rocket Ship 65 10.12%
Me Without You 64 9.97%
4 In The Morning 63 9.81%
Early Winter 49 7.63%
Splash 42 6.54%
Bubble Pop Electric 29 4.52%
Loveable 28 4.36%
Crash 27 4.21%
Orange County Girl 26 4.05%
Yummy 23 3.58%
Serious 19 2.96%
Spark The Fire 19 2.96%
You’re My Favorite 19 2.96%
Danger Zone 17 2.65%
Now That You Got It 17 2.65%
Wonderful Life 13 2.02%
War Paint 12 1.87%
The Real Thing 10 1.56%
Fluorescent 7 1.09%
Don’t Get It Twisted 6 0.93%
Long Way To Go 5 0.78%
Breakin’ Up 4 0.62%

Live Nation asked and we decided to do a poll! Gwen is already halfway through her US tour and fans have been asking for mores songs to be added to the setlist (new and old ones ) and even Live Nation has joined the fun and has been asking fans on their social media accounts. So what do you guys think?  What songs should be added? And of course for each new song added, what song you guys thing should be left out? We added a list of all of her official releases, so songs like Start a War (a fan favorite) and ND songs were left out. Let us know what you guys think on the comment sections below. Who knows… Gwen might read our ideas and spice up her setlists for future shows.

7 thoughts on “What song should be added to the setlist

  1. Effy says:

    Well ive said it before.”send me a picture” should be left out.
    But it was impossible to pick only 2 songs to be on the set list
    Me without you,loveable,yummy, long way to go and so many others .i think im not excited to see cool at all.

  2. Jesse says:

    She needs at least two more songs from The Sweet Escape on that setlist.

  3. DOOM says:

    Where is “You’re my favorite”?!
    The one track from TIWTTFL that hasn’t been played on this tour yet. That song gets my vote!

    1. Cynthia says:

      Doom, you were spot on! My bad! Just fixed that on! You can vote for it!

  4. Amanda G says:

    You’re My Favorite and Loveable! I need to hear those songs live!

  5. Amanda G says:

    Rocket Ship?? Not that I don’t like the song, but with all the other choices, that would be one of the last I’d pick.

    Kind of too late for now I suppose, but I hope she changes the setlist for her October shows….


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