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Beauty and fashion blog Lashes 2 Lashes is having a vote for their L2L Girl and L2L Guy for July and August,and Gwen is currently in the lead for L2L Girl! Fans can vote for Gwen via Lashes 2 Lashes’ tumblr page,facebook page and Twitter account-voting ends Wednesday,July 20.

Hello little petals!
We hope you’re all having fun summer breaks or enjoying the cooler winter weather (always nice to dress up in coats!).
For July/August, we wanted to do something different for the featured L2L Girl or Guy and it’s aaaall up to you!
Starting riiiight this second and all the way up to the 16 July( EDIT-Voting has been extended to July 20), tell us who you want as our featured lady or lad and what you love about them (don’t just say they’re pretty, we want fun and unique answers!). Have we already featured the person you love, like Robbie or Angie? That’s okay, you can vote for them!

Anyone can vote, even our writers!
You can submit your vote through-
Twitter! Tweet us your vote and what you love about them
Facebook! You can reply to any of our status alerts all the way up to July 16 or post onto our wall
Right here! You can just reply in the comments below!
Retweets and Facebook ‘likes’ don’t count towards the votes, you gotta tell us who ya want (psst, and remember to tell your friends!).
So guys, who is YOUR vote?

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