Video: SeattleMusicTV Talks to Adrian at Last Month’s NAMM Show

Thanks to SeattleMusicTV for uploading to youtube its short interview with Adrian at the NAMM Show back on January 25 (Adrian had attended a signing that day at the NAMM Show Yamaha exhibit at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel in support of Yamaha’s DTX electronic kits.) In the video, Adrian mentions that while he used to be anti-electronics when it came to drums, he now feels that they have gotten really good and realistic-sounding and are fun to play. He goes on to say that he also likes Zildjian’s electronic cymbals, saying that the rest of No Doubt would probably like them as well, since they think that he plays too loud and hurts their ears,lol. When asked about he would be rooting for in the then-upcoming Super Bowl, he joked that he wasn’t going to watch because he was still upset that his beloved New Orleans Saints didn’t make it to the big game.


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