Video of Gwen’s Wedding Gown on Display at The Bendigo Art Gallery

Thanks to Johanna for finding and sharing,check out a video from about The White Wedding Dress exhibit at the Bendigo Art Gallery in Victoria,Australia,which of course features Gwen’s exquisite Galliano wedding gown that she donated to the V&A Musuem for the exhibit. Gwen and her gown are featured at 5:12 in the video-it looks like the suit Gavin wore to the wedding is included in the display,as well-how sweet. We had posted photos of Gwen’s gown on display at the gallery here.

The enduring appeal of the white wedding dress is explored in an exhibition from London’s Victoria & Albert Museum on display at Bendigo Art Gallery.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton married in April this year the world erupted in a wedding frenzy.

The White Wedding Dress exhibition tells the story of the white wedding dress – and reveals why some of us are still fascinated by them 200 hundred years later.

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