Video: No Doubt Manager Jim Guerinot’s Appearance Today on Renman Live!

No Doubt’s manager Jim Guerinot (he’s also the manager of other artists such as Nine Inch Nails and The Offspring through his Rebel Waltz management agency) appeared today on the online talk show Renman Live! hosted by Incubus manager Steve Rennie to discuss his fascinating history in the music business and to answer questions from aspiring artists. Mr. Rennie asked him what it was like to take over as manager of No Doubt following the band’s huge success with Tragic Kingdom,and he admitted it was scary at first since it was the first time in his career that he had competed with other potential managers for a major-label act. He shared that he felt that No Doubt would want to sign with him because he had a lot of experience in a lot of different areas in the music business and,being from Orange County himself,he understood their ethic and where they were coming from. He said that he developed a personal rapport with them and that the band saw that he had the experience and desire to be a hands-on manager. Mr. Rennie then asked Mr. Guerinot how he managed Gwen’s solo career,to which he replied that he wanted to give Gwen a lane of success,but not at the expense of the guys of No Doubt. To do this he arranged for Gwen to be featured in fashion magazines for the first time in order to give her independence without creating tension within the band. He also said that Gwen’s collaborations with Moby and Eve made it clear that she had another musical persona that extended beyond No Doubt and that she wanted to explore it. He said that there were no plans for Gwen to tour with the Love.Angel.Music.Baby. album,but that the blockbuster success of ‘’Hollaback Girl’’ led to the Harajuku Lovers Tour. He went on to say how Gwen realized she had 5-6 unfinished songs from her first solo album,which resulted in her releasing The Sweet Escape. He talked about the overwhelming audience response to No Doubt’s reunion performances during the encore of Gwen’s Irvine shows on The Sweet Escape Tour and the sold-out 2009 tour,concluding that No Doubt has accomplished ”way bigger business’’ than Gwen solo,though he thought that the two feed off of each other. Watch starting at 58:20 below.

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