Video: American Music Awards Performances

Today Gwen’s gonna perform on American Music Awards and we went ahead and added all No Doubt and Gwen performance during the Awards history.

Gwen first performed at the event in 2004. She sang her hit single “What You Waiting For?” in a very special stage, with the Harajuku Girls. It’s a very remarkable performance!

Click on the picture to go to the “What You Waiting For?” download page

Two years later she returned to the event’s stage to perform another hit, the first single off The Sweet Escape, “Wind it Up”.

Click on the picture to go to the “Wind It Up” download page.

In 2012, No Doubt performed “Looking Hot” at the event and they rocked it!

Click here to go to the "Looking Hot" download page
Click on the picture to go to the “Looking Hot” download page.

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