Video: Adrian Chats with Artisan News Service

Check out a cool new video from Artisan News Service where Adrian chats at the Guitar Center drumoff he attended on January 14! Adrian confirms again that the album will be out later this year,ands praises Gwen for being an amazingly talented artist with a vision,way of singing and stage presence that people love. He went on to say that the guys playing with Gwen singing ”just feels right”,and that while it’s fun to play on other records with different bands,nothing can replace the feeling of playing with No Doubt. The announcer said that the news service would have more from No Doubt and what they’ve been up to in the coming days,so hopefully there will be more videos posted soon-we will keep you updated!

No Doubt’s Adrian Young said their first album since 2001 will be out later this year, and he said that he stands by Gwen Stefani and his band through all the delays.

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