Top 5: the most viewed No Doubt videos on Youtube so far

Here are the 5 most watched No Doubt Videos on Youtube and few other things you might didn´t know about them!

Pick 5 and check below! Is your favorite on the list?

5) Hey Baby: 19,384,411 views
The scenes of this video are recreations of the spent moments of the band in Jamaica while they were recording the Rock Steady Record. The Adrian Young scene where he is hanging upside down naked on the rings it (1:50 min)  was a real bet that happened in a club in which he won 200$. “Hey Baby” Video is almost 20 million views and has two big awards from the Mtv Video Music Awards 2002: Best Group Video and Best Pop Video.

4) Underneath It All ft. Lady Saw: 21,079,947 views
Another Rock Steady hit in which Gwen is more sexy than ever! Did you know that in the recording sessions of the song Tony Kanal played the saxophone instead of the bass? The song was also included in the soundtrack of the movie “50 first dates” (2004).

3) Just A Girl: 29,159,902 views
Written by Gwen Stefani and Tom Dumont, it was included in the soundtrack of the movie Clueless” and Miranda Cosgrove covered it live in 2011.

2) It’s My Life:  39,496,578 views
Gwen plays a femme fatale and kills the band members, leaving everyone wondering if the band was over. It was a smart move, cause it created a huge buzz after Gwen’s solo album announcement.

1) Don´t speak: 183,862,264 views
The saddest No Doubt song has almost 200 million views and is the most watched video of the band on Youtube so far.
In 2012, it was covered by various members of the Glee cast for the episode “The Break-Up” before subsequently being released as a single on iTunes. There is also an alternative video of this song from a live concert.

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