Footage of Rock Steady Tour Show at The Joint in Vegas

Thanks to babefroman for uploading even more past No Doubt concerts to his youtube channel,including this hour-long video of footage from a March 30,2002 Rock Steady Tour show at The Joint in Las Vegas. While ”Running” and ”Rock Steady” are the only full performances featured in the video,it’s still a cool video-it’s sweet how Gwen sings ”Happy Birthday” to Tony’s dad.

This concludes the uploading of ALL my Videos from the Rock Steady Tour. There will be no more… CLIPS ONLY! RUNNING AND ROCK STEADY ARE ONLY FULL SONGS. and Gwen singin Happy Birthday to Tonys Dad e
hard to get in show and the Joint isnt the best sound but the scene was on fire. I had funz and this place paysout after midnight. ND and casinos go well together.

Sunday Morning / Ex-Girlfriend / Underneath it All / Different People / Bathwater / In My Head / New / Simple Kind of Life / Making Out / Detective 27:19 !!! love this click on the time fyi / Excuse Me Mr. / Running *(full) 29:07 / Happy Now? / Don’t Speak / Hey Baby / Just a Girl // Rock Steady(full) / Spiderwebs
* Dedicated to Tony’s dad, followed with “Happy Birthday”

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