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Tom just posted on the official No Doubt forum in a thread where forumers were discussing a possible release date for the new album. Tom explained that the band does not know a release date yet because the album is not finished. He went on to say that understandably because their families come first,the band’s pace in the studio may have slowed a bit but that the album is sounding magical and incredible! Tom thanked the fans for their patience,but it’s Tom and the band who need to be thanked for working so hard in the studio and for giving the fans SO many updates!! We look forward to the new album and know it will be worth any wait! 🙂

Hi everybody. We don’t know a release date because it’s not finished. No one wants the album out sooner than we do! To make the long story short, we really want it to be great, and have kept writing and recording for the past year and a half in pursuit of that goal. Yep we’re parents now and our kids and families come first, I think everyone would agree. So maybe that’s slowed our pace a little bit. The good news is that the album is truly sounding incredible and we’re really making magic here. When it’s out, it’s out forever, no point in releasing crap, right? Why not shoot to make the best ND album yet? Anywho, thanks for caring and for your incredible patience, you’ll be rewarded I promise! Best, Tom

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  1. Jackie Contreras says:

    Hello (:
    I’m a big fan, I love No Doubt. Y’all been my all time favorite band since I was 7 for about 11 years now.
    I know that you guys are making amazing and incredible music. I cant wait for the new album. It’s going to be the first album I buy in a very long time. I’m even gonna buy one for my 3 closest friends 🙂
    I’m so excites and take all the time that’s needed.

    Much love from your Cali fan


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