Footage of Early Version of ”Big City Train”

Wow,it has really felt like Old-School Week with all this vintage ND audio and video footage that’s been popping up online lately! Thanks to Tazy Phillips from Ska Parade and our friends at Beacon Street Online for sharing,check out brief video footage of No Doubt performing an early version of ”Big City Train” circa 1989 during a Ska Parade demo show;it was unknown at first what song was being performed,but longtime friend of the band Eric Keyes confirmed that it was an early version of ”Big City Train” that had different lyrics and even a different title! The clip can be seen between 1:05 and 1:22 in the video below.(Looks like footage from the same show was used in the background video for ”Running” during the 2009 summer tour-for example,it can be seen at 1:22 in THIS tour clip.)

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