Congratulations to Hannah!!

MUCH congratulations to our good friend Hannah-she met Gwen and Gavin today outside their home in Primrose Hill in London!!! She’s posted her story on the No Doubt forumHERE-she is wearing the ND shirt in the back in the paparazzi photo below. Hannah is such a huge fan(she won Most No Doubt Obsessed Fan in the No Doubt Coummunity Awards on the forum last year) and we are so thrilled for her!! 😀

OH – MY – FUCKING – GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I literally had a mini heart attack – seriously – my heart, I have never known it bounding so hard!

Well here it goes:

We arrived in London, got a bus to Chalk Farm (near to Primrose Hill, walk from there to PH easily).
Walked down Primrose Hill (main) Road and we (me and my mom) were going to have lunch there anyway so we were going to walk up to their house and then walk back.
We walked up, I saw their car (a pap pic couple of days ago didn’t blur it out, so I saw the start of it :S) so that means that they could be around, we crossed the road to the opposite side to their house…..I looked over and I just saw blonde hair, just blondeness and I just said to my mom “OH my god. Look”
This is when I started to have a heart attack, just looked/bent down, so my mom marched me across the road and went up to them.
Can’t really exactly remember what happened (heart attack ‘n all) but I remember my mom saying something like “Hello. She’s a No Doubter all the time *pulled at my ND t shirt*” and Gwen then smiled and said “Hey. How are you doing?”

W O W – NO picture EVER can fully justify how B E A U I T F U L Gwen really, truely is in real life, right in an arm’s reach of me Seriously, I was just blinded by her beauty!

Zuma was asleep on Gavin’s shoulder (who was standing next to Gwen), King came out with the nanny. Then they started to walk over to their car. So we just stayed back as they started to walk off and I was having a heart attck like crazy. Then we/I saw around 3 ish paps, so we started to walk back (to the café) and their car was there, so my mom went back up to Gwen and said “How do they know?” Gwen then replied “I don’t know. They come out of cracks” and then we said have a nice to Gwen. Gavin was coming around from the other side of the car (he put Zuma in and was driving) and then I, had, to say to him that “You’ve Tweeted me back 9 time”, then he replied “That was nice of me, wasn’t it?!”

and then we both went our ways.

I had a heart attack – I was shaking like mad!

They were on their way to Gwyneth Paltrow, so I didn’t ask for a picture or autograph as they were wanting to go and I was to busy having a heart attack. I suppose one would have been nice, but I don’t care too much as I was just right in arms reach of them!!!!!!!!

I keep replaying it in my head and I can’t help but smile/laugh.

I spy…I said I wore a ND t shirt 😛 :

I still have mini-heart attacks when I think about it and WOW, god damn, Gwen is SO stunning – NO picture, video, advert ANYTHING has ever looked as beautiful, so finely done as in real life.
Also, her voice sounded a bit different than in any videos or anything. It was so awesome! Gavin’s was so awesome too!

Thank you SO much Gwen and Gavin – truely AMAZING day – Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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